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5 Star Review on Google:

I am a 70 year old male with an extensive background in martial arts. I just retired from a high pressure career on Wall Street and moved to the Hartford area. At the suggestion of my nephew, who is an actor, I started Alexander Technique (AT) training with Vanessa. The results have been spectacular. By letting go of layer upon layer of unnecessary conditioned tension, I am finding a level of balance and wellbeing that transcends even my experiences in martial arts. I view this as a life altering experience. Vanessa’s sensitivity to AT nuance and her depth of knowledge of movement is truly world class. I highly recommend her."

--Mo, IT Management


I have been seeing Vanessa for chronic migraines that have become debilitating.  I have only been seeing her for 6 weeks and my migraines have already improved dramatically. As an added benefit I also feel like I am able to move more freely and have much better posture. I wish I had discovered Alexander technique years ago! I consider myself very fortunate to have an expert teacher in Vanessa to guide me along the way.  

--Brian, Physician Associate


Vanessa Justice is an incredibly skilled teacher. I have worked with her for many years and seen her work with other students. She is able to meet people at any skill level and help them to feel better, more connected, and stronger in their bodies. 

 --Rachel, College Professor


Vanessa is fun to work with! She is always positive, constructive, and incredibly responsive to the issues that arise with my body. I consider myself incredibly lucky to work with someone who understands my body so well.

--Kate, Consultant

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Links for more info about the Alexander Technique

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